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What is Time and Attendance?

Time and attendance systems accurately record employees’ working hours. Depending on the system you choose, your employees would clock in and out of their shifts using an app, a card, a fob, or a biometric machine (for example, a fingerprint scanner).

This means you can monitor punctuality and absenteeism, and make sure salaries match the hours your employees work. Biometric time and attendance systems also help keep your business premises secure by verifying your employees’ identities as they arrive.

Many modern time and attendance systems can show real-time reports – for example, on punctuality – and help you manage flexible schedules and plan future shifts. They can also be configured to share instructions with particular employees as they clock in.

Who are the top providers?

There are plenty of time and attendance system providers out there, but we tend to recommend Bodet, Stanley Security, Mitrefinch, Planday, Chronicle Computing, TimeTrex, ActIn Time, ISGUS, and Payescape. The provider that’s right for you will depend on the kind of system you’re looking for – and, of course, your budget.

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